05.26 ETHIOPIA, Axum, The Restoration of the Royal Bloodline

‘Call upon the tribes, because during this major event of giving birth to the sacred feminine, it is important that as many people as possible are taking their roles as midwifes to guide these energies into and through their bodies, through their bones, through their flesh and blood. Because this higher frequency can only land in Mother Earth if it’s being channeled, being guided by human beings, by men and women opening up to this divine feminine. 

So work towards this moment of birthing and try to involve as many people as possible to help in this process, also people from other countries. It is really a process of letting the divine energies enter into the grail, enter into the thirteen churches, enter from the mountain into the Lake of Tana, so that through the water all the information can be shared to the world. Because in this water, the birthing waters, this higher energy will be spread around all over the globe. First to Sudan, Egypt and the Middle East, and then later to a vaster area around the earth. 

Bring some water up the mountain, talk to it, speak to it. Know that it’s a sacred element that caries the information of the feminine, together with fire, the fire of the mountain. It is very important to work with the elements, the elements of water, fire, but also the nature elements of flowers, trees or wood. They will help you to understand the beyond. Because it is not so much in words that you will understand this new energy, but it is the energy of nature, of the Mother, who wants to manifest. It can only manifest through your bodies, through your hearts, through nature, plants… 

Know that you are guided and that you are blessed and that you don’t have to do anything, just surrender to your own greatness, your own royalty. Like I did in my time, coming from the long lineage of matriarchs, being the last of the Bee Queens. And so we spread our honey all over the world. 

It is time that the royal lineage of the Kings and Queens of Ethiopia will be restored. This is the return of the King and the Queen, of the royal blood line of Salomo and Sheba.’