05.26 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, The Black Feminine

‘It is all about the black feminine, the dark feminine. Which is a primordial energy. You could also call it the black hole, because the black hole is the place of creation. It is in this place, in Lalibela in Ethiopia, that the human race was created. And it is from this place that the line of the black feminine went to Israël and connected to a new phase of civilisation in ancient times. Through the lineage of Sheba and through the lineage of Nefertiti and Mary Magdalene. They all represented this black feminine, which fertilised the white civilisation in the coming together of white and black. 

Now this is what you are going to do in the coming year, to call upon this Black Goddess. This nourishing darkness that serves life by destroying which is not relevant, which is coming from the ego. This is exactly the energy that is needed; the destruction of illusion, so that the essence can come forth. By bringing this energy into the Middle East – into the heart of the heart, the holy of holiest, the Temple Mount – the key will be turned and the shift will be made and all the illusions of separation will be solved within the hearts of people. 

It’s like going deep into the matrix. Like you did in your work along the Silk route. This is the same work you will be doing in Africa: going deeper and deeper into the matrix to change the pattern, to change this basic fault of separation between light and darkness. There is no separation, they are coming from the same source. There is no enemy, there is no hatred or evil. It is only in the mind that this duality exists, which is reflected in your world and in your perception. But if you look deeper you will see that there is only one reality, and this reality is based on oneness and love. 

You can only reach this through deep deep compassion. First with yourself, because you are living this separation, like everyone else. So the first work you have to do is to embrace your own separation and acknowledge it and love it. And then you will understand that there is nothing against you, that there is only love carrying you forward. As soon as you have solved or acknowledged this separation in yourself, you can acknowledge it in the world outside of you, and see that beyond this duality there is this deep oneness. 

You opened the Book of Oneness in Damascus and the powerful energies of Aleppo, of the goddess, of the black lions, and you are asked to bring all these energies together. Connect the sun and the moon, connect Jericho with Jerusalem, so the key can be turned. 

Something is coming, but we cannot tell you what it is. You have to live it, you have to go through it, by surrendering to deep compassion and perseverance. To believe in love is to believe in the future, is to believe in miracles. And miracles will occur, will happen. 

Ararat, Lalibela, Jerusalem – it is a lemniscate of eternal movement. And in Jerusalem and Jericho this sacred marriage will happen; by connecting these two outer polarities of the sacred mountains, two places of creation.’