05.27 ETHIOPIA, Gondar, The Tree of Life

‘You are the gate, you are the living gate of the Tree of Life. It’s within your genes, within your DNA – that has been changed in these couple of days lately. So your connection is making the transformation possible, bringing the energy from above into the lower planes of the world. It is not connected to a certain place or location, it is you, yourself. So wherever you are, wherever you step and connect to your inner self, the flow of life, the energies of heaven, can ground into the earth.

King Fasil was one of the great kings of Gondar. It is through this connection that you restore the royal lineage of the crown of Ethiopia, the spiritual leadership of Africa.

Don’t hurry, don’t worry, just relax into your own energy, into your heart, and you will know what to do. Because it’s not so much in doing as well as in being, that the gates will open. The seventh person in this group is your father, Ton, who is opening the gates towards the other dimensions, leaving the earthly plane now. It is through the love between you, between father and son, that the kingship van der Kroon is passed to a new generation.’