06.29 EGYPE, Aswan, Entering Sacred Space

‘When you enter sacred space, it is important that you prepare yourself in a very loving and nurturing way. Because your body will be used for these higher frequencies of love and enlightenment. So you need to take care of yourself first. It’s important to look at what you need in this moment, on an emotional level, on a physical level, on a spiritual level. So that you’re fully comforted in who you are. It’s your first obligation to take lovingly care of yourself and each other. And within this container of love the higher frequencies can manifest. Also you will be able to hold the lower frequencies in a loving and compassionate way.

So if you look at yourself at the moment as a little child, a little boy or little girl, what would you need? What would you like? What are your wishes for this couple of days, in which you enter sacred space, which is beyond time and space? See what makes you happy and fulfilled. What makes you playful or which old wounds need to be cared for or healed.

In these days we will guide you from the inner child to the grown-up, to the inner master, and it’s in this mastership that you will be in service for the divine. But take it slowly. Take it step by step, so you really are in tune with yourself, with your body.

Your purpose here is to awaken the collective consciousness of the Nubian people. It’s like in a fairytale: you kiss them awake. Not because you are better or higher, but you’re in service of the soul. It’s only through love that this awakening can take place. So listen beyond the words, beyond the sound to the message we have for you each individually. Because healing will always take place on two levels: the individual level, yourself, and the collective level, which is the area you are in at the moment. Travel back in time to the origin, to the beginning of time, when this was just a place of paradise, a place of creation.’


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