04.02 BALI, Mount Agung, Looking for the spinnerwheels

‘The first spinnerwheel is set in place, and thus set in motion. Now it is the second one that needs to be turned around. This is of a crucial nature, because in the fields beyond this reality there has been a battle on this power place. A fierce battle through ages, about who controls this place. Because who controls the four spinnerwheels, controls the thirteenth.

This is about opening the door or closing the door. If you have the four spinnerwheels set in the right constellation, the doors can open. There are a lot of forces that want to control and hold back this opening of the doors, because it will give a lot of freedom, and at the same time create a chaos, in which the human soul can really express and develop itself.

If you close the wheels down, there will be more and more control. This is the battle that the Balinese people have fought for a long, long time. Because they are holding on to this freedom, but the pressure has become very, very strong. First from Western countries, now from islamic traditions that want to control and close down the spinnerwheels. So this is the battle that is going on, and lots of people have lost it already, but there are still a few that hold the keys, before it is too late.

This will be a decisive moment for Balinese tradition, for the freedom of the soul of the ancient wisdom to come forth. It is almost a battle against time, because time is running out. That would mean that the hindu tradition would vanish from Indonesia. It is not only the hindu tradition, it is the ancient knowledge of soul wisdom. If it is closed down, it will become a religion, as a social structure. And a social structure is actually not giving space to the soul, it is closing down the soul by rules and regulations.

So you see, this is an important journey to make. Again this is not to make you anxious nor to bring pressure, because that is the last thing that we want. It is about joy, and it is about love, but it is still a battle. So make it a battle of love, and intention, and focus, and joy. To stay grounded in the work of the light that has to be done in this moment in time. And if you do the battle, battle with joy. Because that is the most important thing.

But don’t underestimate it. It is not a holiday, it is not a leisure trip, in which you can relax into – well, you understand what I’m saying – the nothingness of the ego. It is, let’s say, about the emptiness of the ego, it is about the nothingness of the soul, that you are here.

Is there any other question?’

Where do we find the second spinnerwheel?

‘The Mother Temple controls the second wheel, Besakih.’

So it would be good to go there?

‘Yes, you can go only from step to step, from wheel to wheel. Every point will become clear after the preceding one. So if the first one opens, then you know the message for the second one. This is how it unfolds, it is a linear thing. You cannot plan it out beforehand. The Mother Temple is a difficult one, because it is just like Agung, it is also distorted, a lot of cover up. So it asks more focus to stay clear on what you are coming to do.

At the same time, these delusions help you to find the real key. So it is something not to be ignored but to be felt and to see what it covers up. Because this is really important, the cover up is an important sign for where you need to look. So it helps you in a way. It can also delude you, but if you see it in the right perspective, it can help you to focus where you need to go.

This is like the Da Vinci Code, is it not? An adventure. This quest of hide and seek is part of the labyrinth that has been mapped out on Bali. It is done on purpose, so that it is not easy to find the way through the labyrinth. You have to go step by step to come to the middle of the labyrinth. It is not something you can go straight into. That is why it is so important, that you keep enough time to feel all the patterns, all the turns in the road. Because the eight of you will have to mould as one body, to feel where the path is leading. And know that, to act as one body, you have to create a space in which everyone can put their contribution to it.

So it is actually a whole creative process to become one, and to find the key. Honour Diversity, Find Oneness. Accept the key that will open the door to a new way of perception. One that enlightens the people, not smothers them down. Do you really understand that it is not about what you see, but what is behind it? It is not about right and wrong, but it is about what is behind right and wrong. It is not about what you feel, but it is about behind what you feel. So this is a continuous challenge: to look for the reality beyond the reality.

Thank you. Namaste. You are welcome, and we are happy to join in on this level of creation. We have as much fun as you do and we are always here to assist. So don’t hesitate to ask for help, because we would also like to join in here. Have a good journey and be well. We are one, I am you and you are me, as you can see. This is the old Balinese greeting.’

(Bali, 03/2009)

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