05.34 ETHIOPIA, Addis Ababa, The Mothers of Africa

Tuning into Africa, in Hotel New York in Rotterdam.

‘Africa… the sacred continent, the cradle of humanity. Where the first races of humankind where born on this planet and started the evolution of hundreds and millions of years. It is now up to you to make this next step. We are in constant communication with you, even if you don’t know this or notice. We are gathering in spirit, like the roots of trees are connected with each other, we are connected with our minds and with our souls and we call out to you to come to Africa, to come to the heart of the dark continent and to connect to the ancient wisdom that we carry in our bones and in our genes.

The gathering in Ethiopia which you set out, which we set out for a long time, is a gathering for the whole world. It’s a coming together of many tribes to look at the future. The future is Africa. It is connecting again to this Mother Planet, but from a complete new viewpoint. The pioneers of humanity will come together to see where we are in this evolution. What is the next step. While most of civilisation is heading towards disaster and technological advancement – which leads to a certain death, because you cannot eat technology, you cannot live on Mars, you cannot grow crops with money, paradoxical as it sounds. It is from the earth you come and to the earth you will have to bow your heads and direct your attention to survive. 

It doesn’t mean you can’t use technology for the benefits of your evolution. But you have to set your priorities right. Without the Mother you are nothing. And without the Spirit you are nothing either. You have to know where you are coming from to know what is the next step towards your own future.

So this gathering in Ethiopia and the road towards it – through Egypt and Sudan, following the river Nile towards this gathering place – this journey will contain a lot of joy and music and dance and art, as a way to come together in equality. To recognize each other in your human-ness. To honour your bodies and your sensuality, because that is very much connected to Africa. And the water of the River Nile brings you to your fertility and sensuality. But not in a Western way, it’s a very earthy and grounded way of honouring the body.

So welcome into our sacred circle, welcome into our sacred space, where we will share our deepest knowledge with you. Don’t be afraid. Everything is arranged and we welcome you on this journey. We will lead you step by step to the heart and the essence and the soul of Africa.’

Anne would like to send a message to Hussein, in Sudan, to let him know we have not forgotten his invitation. 

‘He knows , but he is waiting patiently for your coming. Because Sudan and the people of Sudan need it desperately that you will connect to them and bring your light into this war-torn country. Because they are fighting for their survival and their future and they feel forgotten and torn by history and by colonial history. So you are very welcome to come and bring your essence, which is like a homeopathic medicine.

We respect you very much, because we know you bring your power and your totem, which is the totem of the Essenes and the White brotherhood.’