05.33 CONGO, Kinshasa, Ubuntu

Tuning into Africa, at the African Museum in Tervuren, Belgium.

‘Ubuntu. I am because we are… that is our motto. That’s the theme for this year’s gathering of Andalucia, where we will introduce you to the principles of the African continent, of the darker continent, as you call it. But our darkness is like chocolate, it’s juicy and nourishing. 

It helps you to go deeper into this universal connection between people and between nations. It is a joyful energy and a powerful energy, because it moves on the rhythms of music and on the rhythms of nature and on the rhythms of water. On the rhythms of the planet.

It seems very simple, because it’s just by being there – by being yourself, by nourishing your body and enjoying your body and the world of the physical reality – it’s this joyful rhythm that creates riples through the collective field and thus it sustains society.

We invite you to join into our rhythm. We invite you to join into our community. We invite you to learn from our ancient heritage of our connection with our Great Mother Earth. We are this Council of Shamanic People, of the Elders, the Wisdom Elders. We have contacted you before. We honour your work and your intentions, and we like to make this chocolate black and white. (laughing) Because it is in the opposites that we learn and that we flourish.

It’s in the connection that we will survive and we wil thrive.

Welcome to our world. Enter the museum…’