05.31 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, Africa and the Great Gathering

Talking about Krista’s work in Ethiopia. With Krista, Tineke, Christiaan, Ursula, Anne and Ton

‘We would like to be part of your conversation. We are very happy with the contact, because we have been waiting for many many years to create this contact with you, the white people from the North. We respect you, we honour your work and your civilisation. But we have also felt the shadow and the dark side of your culture. Your desire for expansion, your desire for wealth, and goods, and materials. We have a lot of wealth in our continent. But our true wealth is our wisdom, which we have kept and cherished till the moment is there to share it with the world. 

We communicate through the spirits, through the spirit animals and the elements and the trees, the wise trees – we call them the whispering trees. They talk about the evolution of mankind. And thus we are in communication with all the elders of Africa, we listen to each other and to the voices of the winds and the spirits. And so we know that you have come and entered into our field of consciousness, longing to know about our treasure. Because of your open heart, and your integrity, and your innocence, we welcome you with an open heart. As foretold in our prophecies we would connect, white and black – the white race, the black race and the red race would connect. Thus coming together a new bond would be created, a new covenant between races. You, who are our children. 

So please be welcome in our circle of elders, who are holding the space for this invisible power that is Africa. We want to welcome you to join us in our tribe and learn form the African ways, as we would like to learn from you. We like to welcome you home. We look very different, we dance to a different rhythm, our music is based on a different drum. But in essence we are the same, we are part of the same tribe of humanity. And it’s in this latest hour that all the elders will gather and talk about the future of the next generations to come. It is here in Africa that we will hold what we call The Great Gathering, in which we will decide about the future of humankind. 

Know that we support you on your perilous journeys. But you won’t falter. And if you fall we will be there to catch you. See you soon. And don’t forget to dance.’