05.37 ETHIOPIA, Taeme, The Source Code

With Monique in Mulu-Ecolodge.

‘Your journey and your visit here is all about the source code. As you were making the journey towards the source through this land of Africa, you were also making a journey inside your own bodies, inside your own energetic system, to return to the source. 

Now here you are in Ethiopia, the craddle of civilisation, the origin of humankind, where it all began, where the first human beings walked the earth. And from that point on they spread over the world, becoming different races, different cultures, different religions. But at this crucial moment in time you start to remember the origin, the source.

Now what does the source code mean? This code is engrained in your DNA and it is what you’re made of. But part of the DNA is not released yet. It is still sleeping. It will awaken when you connect humanity, when you connect all the different races together. Then different parts of the puzzle will be activated and the awakened human being can be born. So the more you connect as humanity, the more you have interracial marriages, the more you connect different cultures and religions – because it is also an energetic connection, so it’s a genetic connection and an energetic connection – when this connection happens the full picture of what it means to be human will be unleashed. Your full potential will become apparent, visible. Which is a next stage of evolution of mankind. 

That’s why we urge you to make connections to other cultures, to gather the tribes, to become one race. Not because you need to be the same, but you need to collect all the differences, to collect the different parts of human beingness. Then this source code will start to be activated. You will remember, litterally re-member, who you are. You will become member of this race of beings, of lightbeings, that came here in the first place. Stepping foot on this planet, creating the paradise, co-creating with Mother Nature. Because she is part of you as you are part of her. There’s a complete interdependence. 

But with your consciousness and the consciousness of this planet you created this whole world in which you’re living. It’s time that you remember your potential as creators. It’s time to remember that there is nothing outside you, that has power over you. No gods, no demons, no forces, it’s all about you. Incorporating the powers that you have given away to religion, to authority, to law, to ideas outside of yourselves. 

But the more you come home in yourself, you start to realize that you are both human and god, or goddess. You embody the full spectrum. And while opening up to this full potential of humankind, you will start to connect with other terrestrial beings as well, who are living in different realms, as lightbeings, and who are part of your family as well. 

So open up to who you are. Open up to the source code of humankind. Open up to all the different beings on this planet and become one.’