04.06 BALI, Valley of the Kings, Gunung Kawi

‘Thank you very much for coming. We are the kings of the old lineage that still honoured the feminine qualities of old. Even in our times, there was already an ancient tradition that we were in touch with. But when we were conquered, we were able to close most of the doorways, because we were afraid they would be abused and dark and light would be intermingled. We did not want to leave our heritage unguarded, when taken in the wrong hands. So this is what we did, when we closed it, as it is for you the task to open it again.

Do you understand, it can only be managed by sensitive hands and hearts and minds. Because it could cause great destruction falling into the wrong hands. When the doors are opened, creation can take place, because these are banks of seeds, but at the same time it can cause great destruction. So it is something to be aware of and careful about.

We are honoured with your visit and we would like you to guide you through the doorway.’

Ton: I can see seven kingdoms that gathered, that had made a covenant in that time. We are seven of us here, is there anything we can do?

‘Just stay closely connected and flow from one to another. Because it is in the connection that the doorways can be opened. Because we all had a part of the key, this was how it was made to last for a long time. Because only if all the seven elements could come together, the door would be opened. Otherwise there would be no possibility to open is. So it is a seven-fold key.

Creation is something very fragile; it needs to be handled with care.’