04.09 BALI, Lake Bratan, Motherland MU

‘We would like to tell you a part of the history of the Motherland MU. All of the story would be too long, but we would like to tell you the part that is necessary for your work at this moment in time.

When MU was very prosperous and flourishing, there was a force of evil growing which wanted to take over power. It grew slowly, yet it was unstoppable, and it finally turned into the Great War as we called it in those days. Many things were destroyed; actually the whole motherland was destroyed by forces of nature that were controlled by darkness. There was a lot of fire and an earthquake, but in the end the forces of good won the battle. There were chariots of fire, flying through the air and those were the ones who helped the forces of darkness. It is quite a heavy story because, although the battle was won, lots of things were destroyed and forgotten.

But still traces of the Motherland were preserved, here on the Island of Bali, also preserved on several places like India. Seeds of the old wisdom were contained, so it would flourish through the ages. It would come back in the Book of the Vedas. The story we talk about is a very, very long time ago. The battle that was fought here on Bali, where the old culture also flourished, erased much of the old history, but it kept a few traces of the ancient knowledge. From which a new culture arose, and that is the culture that you now perceive, the last remembrance of it.

The work you have to do today, is to release the shadow of the island, to release the souls that have been smashed down into the underworld. Both the light and the dark souls that have been kept here for eons. It is time to let them go free as was promised at the end of the battle. Because there is a new time and a new dawn waiting, and a new battle. Which will not be easy, because it is again about survival of the human species and the containment of the light, of the brotherhood. There is a choice for humankind to make, between good and evil. In their own hearts but also in the world at large. Forces of darkness are growing again and it is only through awareness, joy and wisdom that the battle can be fought.

We don’t like to speak about battles and warfare, yet at some points in time, there is no other way out. What needs to be done needs to be done. So take up your weapons of laughter and smiles, raise the flag of the heart, the warriors of the heart, and ride forth, from this place. May the Force be with you.’(The Watertemple at Lake Bratan, 15/03/09)