04.21 BALI, Ubud, The Cosmic Egg and the Source Code

With Erik and Caroline.

‘The Cosmic Egg contains the source code. This source code is a call for the return of the spiritual warriors and Masters, who have been incarnated already, yet are trying to find their way to connect to the source code. Because many, as children, as young people, are ready to take up their task, but they don’t know how to reconnect with the place they are coming from. So it is your task to restore the grid around the world, so everybody can tap into it again, so that all individual people can tap into this grid of energy. It is the grid that is so much connected to the great Mother, to the Earth.

One of the places that is still holding the grid, is the Island of Light, called Bali. Many other places have been distorted or changed. But it is for you to return to your original seat of power, where you don’t need to do anything, just to be, just to be Queen. And by being in this place, the grid restores itself. Cause the time of doing is over. The work has been done. The only thing you need tot do now is to remember who you are and step into your original blueprint. And be at the place where you need to be.

The Cosmic Egg is a moment in time which heralds the birthing proces, the connection between the third dimension and the Masters, and the spiritual plan and the earthly plan.’