Part 12. From Sinai to Schiehallion

Just before Anne and I leave for England, we supervise a workshop in Belgium. In the beautiful temple hall of Bois le Comte we have made five altars: A white altar for ‘the spirit’, the winter, the north, the swan, the world of the soul; A black altar to death, mourning, the shadow, sorrow and pain; A green altar for the Green (wo-)Man, nature, for the body, health, nutrition; A red altar for the lover, passion, love, energy, sensuality; and a yellow altar to the spiritual warrior, for strength, energy, confidence and courage. During the workshop, the black altar will take center stage. Many participants have lost someone, through suicide, death, a car accident or illness. We do a special ceremony to honor them or feel the sadness of parting. Anne and I remember our dear friends Jos and Meital who have moved to the other side of the veil over the past few months. We feel how present they still are. As if the division between the world of death and the world of life is getting thinner and thinner these days.

During the workshop Anne and I find out that we know color black, white and yellow very well, but that green and red are still somewhat unknown to us. We decide to make these two altars the focus for our trip to Scotland. Mount Schiehallion, our final destination, feels like the white altar: the mountain of the north, winter, spirit, rebirth. But first we need to explore red and green. When we take a hotel the night before we board the boat, our room in the hotel appears to be completely furnished in an Italian atmosphere. There is a large Italian flag above our bed: red, white and green!

When I leave the boat in Dover the next day, I have to drive on the left. “I’ve never done it, so I think I can do it,” I remember the motto of Pippi Longstocking. It also feels more logical to drive on the left somehow since I am left-handed. And indeed; it all goes very smoothly.

It strikes me that not only the driving is different, but the whole energy of the ‘island.’ As if we have entered a different world, and that has not only to do with the language or driving on the left. The energy and heaviness of Europe feels far away. It’s lighter, more open, different here. “I always felt right at home when I got off the boat,” Anne says.

The feeling that we are entering another world gets even stronger when we arrive at the house of our dear friends Agnies and Cornelius in Plymouth. Anne and I spend our days in quarantine with them. They have an old six-storey oceanfront sailor’s house – Hamaoze House – which is right on Plymouth’s old harbour. Every wall in the house is a different color, and the house is full of art. There is a red library full of books, a yellow room with a fireplace, a bordeaux dining room with a large painting, a blue kitchen, a bathroom with a bright pink door, etc. The first evening we walk around in amazement. It’s like we’ve entered the world of Alice in Wonderland. While Agnies has always worked as a GP, Cornelius has transformed the entire house from top to bottom into a true work of art. When we get to our bedroom, we have to laugh: it’s the red-green room…

In the days of quarantine, the mythological reality begins to slowly open up and reveal the themes of our journey. ‘Connecting the dots’ – the name of our site – turns out not only to be about the connection between Sinai and Schiehallion, between hte mind and the heart, but also about the connection between ordinary reality and ‘The Otherworld,’ as the English say.

This gate between the visible and the invisible world grows stronger in the days we stay in Plymouth. Together we watch the sequel of Alice Adventures ‘Through the Looking Glass’, in which Alice ends up in Wonderland again through a mirror. The Mad Hatter turns out to be very sick and on the verge of death. Alice must travel back in time to discover the origin of the problem. ‘Sometimes you have to go back to the beginning, to know what your next step is.’
We too are entering another world in which we have to look for the cause of the crisis we live in and the fact that we seem to have lost our hearts in this time. Measures and laws rule our world and freedom and love seem subordinate to the mechanical laws of the mind. The mental power of science dominates the power of the heart. But more and more people realize that we won’t make it with that. We need head and heart, wisdom and love, masculine and feminine qualities. It seems that today we only follow the law of the mind, and have forgotten the wisdom of the heart.

I realize that, for example, the slow progress we make on any issues concerning the climate and Mother Earth have to do with the fact that we rely too much on the masculine: Our society and politics are the epitome of masculine and scientific dominance, but we lack the much needed feminine intuition and wisdom, the connection between people, the heart. “The mind is a good servant, but a bad master.” How do we find the heart again? Our journey to the far North is to connect to the world of spirits and, during an hour of silence on November 11, make room for the unknown, that which our minds cannot comprehend, Great Mystery.

In a channeling about the Schiehallion we got the following message:

‘We are the energies from the North, the energy of ice and wisdom and old age. Also the energy of toughness, the tough lessons, the karma – and death. What else do you need more in this time than to know death? To face death and to understand that death is a very important part of the cycle of life? Because only if you accept death completely, there can be new life.
Your society at the moment is struggling to avoid everything around death, to avoid the downfall, the destruction. But you cannot go on in the way you are doing right now, it needs a time of things falling apart. The sooner you accept that, the easier it will be to invite new life, a new cycle of time. When this moment comes between death and rebirth, it is so important to gather all people, to stand still and to honour death and life. To honour this moment of transition, and to be aware of the transition you are in, through the cycles of time.

When you are at Schiehallion – this is one of the major gates in the North, major star gates or earth gates – you will be aligning the knowledge of ancient times and the stars towards the planet earth. Many species from different star systems are connecting to this mountain and to this time, to this specific moment in time, to connect with you on the earth plane, to give you insight and understanding about this great change and transition time.
They will take you out of the illusions of the mind. Because time is part of the illusion, time is a construct that is needed to live in the third dimensional plane. But when you switch from one time to another time, you will pass through the gate of emptiness, the gate of nothingness. And since everyone is feeling it in their cells and in their memories, that you are approaching this nothingness, they are full of fear and confusion. So people try to hold on to their stories, hold on to their theories and their own illusions of the mind. The mind tries frantically to create a framework so they don’t have to go into the nothingness. But the only thing you need to do is to let go of the stories, of the illusions, of all the control – because there is no control. You die. When you die you don’t have any control, you just leave everything behind. This happens not only on the physical and individual level, but also on the world collective level. You have to let go of control, let go of time, let go of your stories of civilisation – that you think that you are the apex of civilisation. You are not – you are just a stage in the great cycle of time. To let go of it, opens a door towards a new cycle.

When all your politicians and experts are coming together to talk about the nature, the diversity of the planet, they will do that with the utmost integrity within their story. They have good intentions. What you are gonna bring there is to open up this energy, this vortex of nothingness – because you will need to go into a deeper realm of understanding that it’s not about saving the planet, nor saving the species, but it is about you, about your soul mission on earth. About understanding the reason why you are here in the first place, and why this paradise has been given to you. And why we from other realms are all involved with you and taking care of you. There’s tremendous love for the human species, do not forget that. You are not left to die for nothing. You’re left to die to be reborn.

Open the alpha gate so we can connect from earth to the other stellar systems and you will go beyond time and space to receive the tablet of wisdom, of ice and death.’