ISRAEL, Jerusalem, The Golden Jerusalem

The Ka’aba in Mecca, the great Pyramide in Gizeh, the St Peter Basilica in Rome and many other sacred places are all connected to the Golden Dôme in Jerusalem, which is the heart – the tifferet of the Kabbalah – where everything comes together.

Jerusalem means the city of wholeness and it is the totality of humankind that is rising at the moment. There is this need to become whole. And when you are whole, you are healthy and holy; this is all the same energy of oneness.

Now you cannot have oneness by force through one system, it is only by honoring the diversity that you find oneness. In each and every culture, each and every road and spiritual path you can find the divine; through each and every method of spiritual development. Some will dance, others will sing, some will paint, others will pray. There are many paths towards the divine.
But it is essential in this time, that all these beams of light unite towards this golden light. This golden light shines forth to all of human kind, all over the world.

What can you do in this moment in which humanity is at a loss and standing still to reflect, being in this moment of the unknown?

You can focus your thoughts from your own sacred places, your own churches, your own mosques, your own synagoges or temples and connect them to the golden Dome of Jerusalem to make a network of golden light around the world. Each place is a center in itself and yet connected to the whole.

Visualize a golden network of light around the globe and the earth as a golden egg that is opening up, becoming a Sun, becoming a light bulb, a generator of light, radiating love from the core of its being. And every human person is a cell and is part of this generator of love and light.

Connect to the heart of the earth and know that this living being is your mother. It is your essence, the origin of where you are coming from and where you will return to when you die.
And this being will give you life in combination with the father spirit, the heavenly father; consciousness and matter are the two forces that create life.
Honor your heavenly father and honor your divine earthly mother and know that your are the children to live in the paradise as it is always meant to be.
Become like the children again, innocent and nourished by the father and the mother. And become the new human being now.’

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