36.26 PORTUGAL, Azores, Sao Jorge, The Guardians of the Crystal

In our appartment on Sao Jorge. We receive the image that there were people on these islands before the Portugese came. 

“We are still here as we have always been. We guarded this place. We were from a long lineage of priests of the Earth. Maybe not priests as you invision them, with long robes and hats. We were what they called the savages, the wildmen of the forest, living in caves and holes. We were one with the island, and the animals, and the trees and the plants, cause we kept the wisdom of the plant and animal kingdom. This is how we survived through the ages, remembering our descend of the time of Atlantis. We were the record keepers. Our language was more like animals like a human language, we spoke with our hands and with sounds, with signals of our fingers and clicks of our tongues.

When the white men came, the Portugese, they killed some of us, others were imprisoned, and basically we got forgotten and banned from your history books. It was a rough time, there was a lot of blood and violence. Again and again people conquered the islands, started wars and bloodshed, and our tradition got forgotten and lost. But some of us are still here to pass on the message, to you, to the next generation, to the ones who are willing to listen. Not with their minds or their ears, but with their hearts. We are your brothers and sisters, but also your ancestors. We kept the wisdom from time immemorial to pass it on to you. And if only one grain of salt will be given to you here, you will have the possibility to use that for your future. One word is enough, one movement is enough, one sound is enough to recreate the world. The power of creation is thus that even if things disappear under the surface of the water and stories and people get forgotten, life will always go on. You can’t hide the truth. Atlantis will rise again, within you, within your hearts and your memory. And you will show the way to other people, about the mistakes we made, but also about the beauty and abundance we had. 

The crystal was our universe, our religion, our way of communication through time and space. The sacred crystal that connected our minds and hearts to the centre of the Earth, the heart of the Mother. In it we could see the past and the future and the present. Connect to the crystal and you will see what we saw and hear what we heard and know what we knew.

This is the Shard, that’s the name of the island you are on. Because in our times it was not called the Azores.” 

Ton: (I hear all kind of names now: the Shard, the Bone, the Prince, the Mother, the Spear… Phonetic language.) 

“I am roaming the wild. I am here in the bush and in the mountains and even if we will never meet I know you are here and I connect to you, to your heart. Thank you for coming and welcome to our islands, to my kingdom: the Kingdom of the Sea.”