36.25 PORTUGAL, Azores, Sao Jorge, The Temple of Creation

“We are from the order of the magicians, the druids of old. Masters like Merlin, Azahura and other magi, had their origin of wisdom here in the ancient time of Atlantis. They knew how to create realities by using crystals. The crystal of creation is here in the temple underneath the water. You can only access that wisdom by broadening your consciousness, by opening up to another reality within your own soul. It is not something of this world, it is from the other world, and it is when you enter this mythological reality that you gain access to powers of creation and powers of manifestation. It is in the other world that the future awaits. 

So by the death of the ego, we mean the death of the old world of the mind – because you have become a prisoner of your own mind, and thus you created a world that became a prison, a matrix of the mind – but when you step out of it and free yourself, you will start perceiving a complete new perspective of reality. And your mind will fly and receive information from different dimensions. 

It is af if you would use drugs but without the drugs, it’s an opening of your consciousness. It’s like shedding a skin and becoming aware of the multilayered reality of the cosmos. You are the doorway and the key to that paradise inside. 

When you open up the three of you and others that will join, you have a very strong power to create a different world by being here on this power spot of elements; fire, water, air, earth and ether. It is the same as the power spot of Rwanda and the power spot of the Sinai; places of creation. The temple is here right in front of your eyes.”