29.30 ISRAEL, Jerusalem, Agnus Dei

Tuning into Jerusalem. With Eran. 

‘When you light the menorah, the seven lights of the menorah, you actually light the seven chakras of the body. It’s an outer manifestation of something that is inside. The Shechinah is this inner universe, this inner space that opens up when you light these seven chakras. And  when they are all aligned, they create this vast opening to the inner world. 

Jerusalem contains those same seven gates of light. It is both the heart of the world and the crown, Keter and Malchut. It combines those three. It’s the one holy city: heaven, earth and heart connected. These three, and the seven gates, and then you get the twelve gates of the future. Which is not really the future, it’s more like another dimension that is waiting or hoovering above the city. Seen by so many prophets. 

It’s the city of peace that is awaiting for people to tune into, like you did yesterday with the group in the workshop. The more people start to atune to the city of peace, and open their hearts, the more they are making it manifest. They start to realise something that is still only energetic, into the physical form. 

This takes a lot of work and effort, because of course the physical form is and always has been the most harsh and tough matter to work with. It contains all this duality, all the suffering, all the pain. So it’s not a coincidence that during these last two weeks this suffering has exploded. Because humanity cannot contain it anymore, cannot suppress it anymore. Here is like the outlet for that aggression. 

It’s very important for people who live here to understand that they are instruments for the greater collective. It’s a personal story, but it’s also a transpersonal story: they carry the suffering of the world. It’s the agnus dei qui tollet pecata mundi, the lamb who is carrying the suffering of the world. That might seem like a mystical concept, but it’s a very practical thing that is important to realise: that you are expressing the suffering of everybody. The jewish people have suffered, not only for themselves, but for the world. It is important to understand this concept. It is not about being a martyr, but it’s an energetic concept, because you are so connected as a world community that some people and some tribes will carry more and thus suffer more. 

But of you understand it, you can transform it and you can make it less personal. When it becomes less personal, it’s just a matter of opening up to the energy and letting it run through you, so it won’t stick and won’t kill you. You will be a clean channel for the divine. Thus so much suffering can be released and transformed. Then that city of peace can become more of a reality, because it is being carried by people, it is being embodied by people. 

Singing can help, healing helps, praying helps, doing group ceremonies helps, opening the heart to the unknown, to let the magic back in, to start to realise that you are really living in a wonderous world, which is beyond your imagination. This is the great challenge of these days, to connect the threedimensional world back again with the divine, with the world of magic and synchronicity and love. Without that your world will die, will become a dead planet, it needs this divine breath: the spirit mundi of the goddess and the gods, or whatever form you want to see it or name you want to give it. It’s not in a name, but you are an expression of this divine energy.’