36.22 PORTUGAL, Azores, The Connection Between the Azores and the Sinai

Tuning in in the Azores, Ton feels how Jos keeps pointing to Sharm-el-Sheikh – for the period after November 8th.

“The process is more profound and urgent than you can imagine. This is the moment that the world can make a choice – for love or for fear. I understand that you cannot get this completely, because it’s so hard to grasp at all. But from my position on the other side, I can see just a little more than you can. I cannot see the whole picture either, but I know how important this is: so continue your work! I just want to encourage and push you to give your fullest. Take your leadership, take your position.

If this action fails, there will be a major downfall. But this could be a moment that the world unites in brotherhood and sisterhood. Because otherwise it will explode. The big waves of change are going to come anyway, but the question is how humanity will move through them: united or shattered. Sinai offers the opportunity to unite. 

So that’s your job. The others are showing up, but your job is to unite, to bring all the different groups together, and to keep them together. That is the feminine energy: embracing, setting the field, creating the conditions within which the others can meet each other, and also meet themselves. So it is not so important that you do your own thing there, but that you stand around everyone as a large field, as a large circle, and support them. That’s the circle. The center of the circle is the point of healing, of unity, of union – so you have to purely hold the high energy.

Connect the Red Sea with the desert, but also connect with the collective seas, the waters. The sea creatures have an important role in this as well. Call upon the animals of the seas, the whales, the dolphins, the octopuses and the fish. There is great power in the ocean and that power is needed for COP27. Use the symbol of infinity. Use the power of the ocean. Connect to the whales and dolphins. 

Everything will come at the right time in the right order. Trust the process. The more you tune in to that higher level of consciousness, the more things will become clear and transparent, the less you‘ll have to do. Just stay in the middle and connect to your own center.”