36.12 PORTUGAL, Tomar, Anchoring the Paradise Matrix

Sitting at the old Templar Castle in Tomar, after a zoom meeting with Eric, Anita and Annelies about our Points of Light workshop in Nijnsel. Jos (who passed away last year) is very present. There is a sort of urgency about him. He speaks:

“It’s important that you organise these Points of Light days. You cannot imagine how grand and crucial this is to the greater plan. Those points of light days are indeed meant to create a whole fabric of points of light over the Earth. Each contributes in this in their own manner, connecting the points internationally, or anchoring them on spots or in their bodies, or keeping the vision high of a future society of light. A new paradise.

Because that is actually what you do together: you anchor the paradise matrix by connecting over and over again. That is the key: connecting from the heart. Share your feelings, your struggles, share what makes you happy… That’s the key to enter the larger field. In that larger field you take a lot of people with you. It could be online, it could be one-on-one, it could be in a group, the form doesn’t matter. Important is that you do it and that you set the intention to do it, and actually subordinate your ego and put it at the service of the higher work. That is the most important thing. Then the story will unfold. From my position I will do everything I can to assist you in this, both personally and in group work.

At the moment I am standing at the gate of the castle of Tomar, one of the old light fortresses, one that is important for the whole of Portugal. It is the heart of Portugal, the Tifferet, the heart of the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is a system that has been used a lot here in the past to achieve spiritual enlightenment: it is a method, a ladder towards the light or enlightenment. There are still many pieces of the puzzle for you to discover, because in this spot in history the light has also been extinguished. 

Portugal has become a kind of sleeping beauty that you can kiss awake. The kissing awake happens in the heart. So this is a crucial place and you will be working here in the summer, with the group that’s coming, to kiss awake the heart of Porto-cale, the port of Gaia, of Mother Earth, of paradise.

Connect all the dots, connect the fortresses of light. And protect yourself. Know that when you are in the higher field, you are more vulnerable. That is not a problem in itself. It is exactly what I experienced in my life; I indeed became more vulnerable and at the same time more powerful. Both go together. You cannot do one without the other, because if so, you would become rigid. You then get spiritual power, but you lose your humanity. 

Keep your humanity in the first place, stay who you are, with all that goes with it, the beautiful and not so beautiful aspects, the sadness, the worries – everything, everything. Everything is part of the big pony camp (laughs). Life is one big party, for those who want to see it. Darkness included. Life is a kind of merry-go-round, you spin around: one time you’re in the shade and the next time you’re in the light. But it is all part of the same mill. And the center remains one.

Thank you. Thank you for everything, for your love, for your connection, for your heart. I am with you and I will never forsake you.”