29.35 ISRAEL, Jerusalem, Golden Dome

Eran, Anne and me, tuning in on the Temple Mount. 

“You have to look beyong time. This was a place of creation in ancient times, but it is still a place of creation. By praying here, by focussing on the heart, on the unity, connected to your own heart, to tifferet, you open up that magic space which can create reality. That’s why this place is so important and so powerful. It contains sparks of creation. When humanity set foot on earth for the first time there was still a strong connection to the stars, to the stellar system. Planetary travel was normal, but not in the way that you think of it. They created platforms to receive, to open up the space beyond time, to open up the temple. Because the temple is not so much a physical building, as well a portal, a doorway through dimensions. It is like a place where the veil is thin where you can go through the door towards the other realm, beyond this physical reality.”

Ton: I see this image of Star Trek where you have this beaming up place. 

“This is the closest image you can imagine, it’s a place to beam up or to beam in – information, wisdom, knowledge. So when you open up this space by opening up your heart – because your heart is the key to the lock – the magic starts to happen. 

The heaviness you felt can be transformed by opening up the heart and realizing the magnitude of the energies that are being released here. Spreading out throughout the planet.” 

Ton: I can feel it as an experience, but I don’t have words for it: the energy is strong, but only if you open it up. I hear: the platform is the foundation. I see the image of the Kaba coming back here. You talked about the Kaba, but the prophecy is that in the end times the Kaba will move back from Mekka to here, because it will unite again. Cause Mohamed wanted to have this place as focal place, but he couldn’t, so he moved it to Mekka.