29.15 ISRAEL, Magdala, Call of Kinnereth

‘Welcome to our little community. We were sitting here in prayer, in meditation, like you do in your time, there’s no difference. We are the same family, always connecting to that source of light which you call God, or we call Jehova, and our brothers and sisters call Allah. But before that we called her Her, the Great Goddess Kinnereth. She was the one giving us life. She was symbolised in the menora, the Tree of Life, giving many fruits, giving many blessings to our existence on earth. We are all part of this same existence. Even while each of us prays in a different way, with different rituals, different symbols and different stories, but in the end it doesn’t matter. Life is life. Death is death. And love is love. 

So we were sitting here, and we would like to invite you into our circle, around the stone of the Flower of Life. Join us to become present to the eternal, to listen to her voice. Because She is calling you. The Magdalene is calling you, to come together to raise your voice, to stand up for that which is vulnerable, to stand up for that which is very precious, to stand up for wisdom, and for future generations. Because here is a point of power. The more you focus on this place beyond time, the more you will realise you have a crucial part to play in this grand drama of history. Never underestimate your own role and your own existence. It will become clear in the coming years. 

Many blessings to all of you who feel called to the sacred Kinnereth or Sea of Galilee.’

(Magdala, 25/09/2019)