15.12 CHINA, Kashgar, Opening the Gates to Shambhala

Marcel and Monique, asking what they should focuss on when traveling to Samarkand and Kashgar.

‘The divine feminine, the Green Tara of compassion and the White Tara of enlightenment, are guiding you both on your journey, connecting East and West, indeed, to open the line of the earthly world and spiritual center of Shambhala, hidden from sight. By focussing on this divine feminine you open up a doorway, a portal, between the worlds. It is of extreme importance that you are going to do this. The two of you, but also the group in its completeness, in which everyone – in ones or twos or threes – has separate roles, to work together on this collective task. 

It is like the movie you saw, ‘Inception’. A whole team is necessary to open the doors between the dimensions. Doors that have been closed long ago, because they were being abused by people who were using them for their own benefits, using spiritual principles to manipulate human beings. Now is a time that this spiritual force is needed in the world. For many lightworkers are ready to take up their challenge and their battle, to stand firm in this time of great change and transformation. But it is very important for them to be connected to the spiritual center of Shambhala, where the Warrior Kings are still waiting to connect to you and to your fellow lightworkers.

These Warrior Kings can only manifest themselves if they are embedded within the wisdom and the consciousness of the divine feminine. This is always the principle of creation: there needs to be a field of feminine presence, connection, healing, in which the masculine can operate. So it’s always a co-creation between these two forces of wisdom: caring and nourishing, and the other force is: action, justice, penetration. In Shambhala there is a very strong masculine energy, a spiritual masculine energy that wants to manifest itself in the world today.

By going to Kashgar and to Samarkand you will open two gates. This is your specific task in this journey in May: to open the gate of Samarkand and of Kashgar. You will be led to those places. You will just have to follow your instinct or your nose, you could say, to bring you to the gate of Samarkand, which is connected to the great mosque. And the gate of Kashgar is in nature, is connected to the mountains and the water. So search for the water stream through the mountains.

Take good care of yourself and nourish yourself as much as you can with food, sleep, and pleasant encounters, so you can do your work together with gentleness and love and respect for each other. Don’t take anything personally, which happens in this work, because there is a greater field that is at work here, manifesting itself through you and the others. So everything that you feel and discover within yourself – be it anger of frustration or pain or loneliness or sadness – this is all part of this larger field, and is needed to be felt. Because they are actually keys to opening the door. So the more you take responsibility and go into the feeling of it and dismantle it or feel it, the more you have the keys to open the gates. So keep on communicating what you feel and experience within the two of you and within the whole group, because this opens the fields of consciousness.

It means you are being an instrument in a very personal and intimate way with each other. This journey is meant to open the gate to the last doorway into Shambhala.

We would like to say a word about Teheran, which is one of the gates. But it is heavily locked at the moment, and we don’t want you to encounter the negative vibes that are presently working there. It’s a very strong dark energy that is manifesting itself there and is aware of spiritual dimensions. So know that you are not the only ones who are looking for these things. There are others with less light motives. But since there were many routes from East to West, you can just skip this one, and just by flying over it, you will just take on the energy, the energy which you felt in Jericho, the energy of Syria and of Aleppo. Take it with you and connect it to Bukhara, Samarkand and Kashgar.’