15.18 TIBET, Kailash, The Secrets of Creation

Masters of Shambhala: ‘We have been hidden for a long time – 13.000 years since creation. We’ve been waiting for this moment of renewal, reversal. While consciousness slowly degraded through the centuries, we kept the secrets of creation. The Cosmic Egg, which contains the source code, can be activated again by you, by joining hands and gathering around the sacred fire. While all of you have learned to bow your head, to throw off your ignorance, your despair, your anger and your fear, you are able to enlighten mankind by tuning into the vibration of the Cosmic Egg, so the tools of creation can be used and distributed among the thousands of lightworkers who are ready to join your work of birthing the birth of humanity.

You could say that until now you have been in the egg state. You have prepared yourself to become fully human, to become fully conscious. This is the moment that you will collectively understand your destination and your origin. We are here to support you, to guide you, and to give you all information and courage to go through till the end of this process of transformation. We honor and we bless you and we await you in the golden city of Shambhala.’