29.14 ISRAEL, Tiberias, The Message of Ashtoreth

‘Come into my home, my children. I am the voice of Ashtoreth, or Ashera, or Ishtar, or the Mother Goddess. I have many names. I am the light and the dark. I am life and death. I am jewish and muslim and christian. I am a dark woman, and I am a blonde woman. I am all. I am united as one. 

So in this energy I welcome you to be totally unique, the person who you are, the path that you walk, for which I have great reverance and gratitude. So know that you are acknowledged and cared for. But when you come into my house, I ask of you to lay down your personal story at my feet, to honour your personal story and to let go of it at the same time, because you are being asked for a higher purpose, a higher soul purpose, that is in service of the whole world, of all of humanity. 

So come as you are but be open for a great transformation. Be open for a gift of transpersonal download. Because by connecting with others, connecting with other tribes, with other religions, connecting with your opposite, you become so much more. You become the full human being, the completion, the totality. You embody all of humanity. And still you will walk your own path, even more unique than before. 

So join me in this ritual of alchemy, of bridging opposites, of uniting polarity, to become one.’