25.27 UK, London, Message from Keith

Keith is talking through Ton.

‘It’s all happening. The play is beginning. Alice is falling into the rabbit hole. Theresa May is the Red Queen. She’s chopping off the heads and chasing the Queen of Hearts. So there’s the old feminine and the new feminine. It’s like a dream world with many colors and things happening, but it’s all part of the circus of redemption. It’s a craziness, but within the craziness is a serious message.

So follow the white rabbit for your appointment in time and space, opening up the lock, opening the door to a new reality, opening up the doors to the other world of the fairies and imaginary beings. But they will be more real than you expect or can think of. It’s this world of imagination that is becoming more tangible. Because I am now on the other side, but there are no sides. There’s only one. There’s an inside.

Play, be crazy, enjoy the preciousness of life and walk the Tor, bring back the Grail, but don’t be too serious. Laugh, dance, sing, be weird. The gate is opening.’

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