22.22 SPAIN, Alhama de Granada, Rainbow Warriors

‘When the goddess enters sacred space, transformation can happen.

You have all experienced and witnessed the birthing pains of the last few weeks, going through individual processes and also collective processes in the world that reflect the birthing pains before birth, the pain and contractions.

Here, in front of this valley, of this canion, is the moment of birth; where the new child can come to light. This new child is the soul of humanity in all its colours, in all its nations, in all its races and religions.

All colours are gathered here: it’s the rainbow gathering, which has been predicted for a long time. The rainbow warriors would come together to make a new earth. You are the priests and the priestesses, the shamans, the light warriors, the warriors of the heart, that have taken a vow to be of service for mankind. To come here together is like a celebration and a moment in time. To know that you are chosen, that you are the one who has to take on your task, each in its own way. No one can tell you what to do, you only know deep in your heart what your purpose is, your soul mission in this greater plan.

The purpose of working here in the south of Spain, in this place next to Alhama de Granada, is because the energies are very thin. There is an easy connection between this dimension and the other dimensions, so we can speak to your hearts and souls and touch you on deeper layers, so you remember who you are, you remember your mission. There is nothing to be solved, only to remember and to be brought to the light.

So welcome in the garden, where you can play as children, where you remember yourself as children of the Great Mother, as you used to be in the beginning: creating and playing at the same time. We invite you to do that again. Be playful, create, aim for your highest dreams, fulfill your mission. There is nothing that can stop you now. You are well equipped and there is a bond of kindred souls, there is an army of light, a family of Essenes, Cathars and shamans, all connected in a web, so you are not alone anymore.

Welcome home. Many blessings.’


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