18.13 NEDERLAND, Amsterdam, The Download of the Great White Whale

‘I am the head of the Counsel of Sirius, which is strongly connected to the great White Brotherhood. It is a kind of the same counsel. We ‘d like to invite people for the 29th of September. It is new moon and it will be a collective doorway, a possibility to make a strong connection with us on the other side of the veil.

On the 27th there will be a great demonstration for the climate all over the world. People will gather in spirit and in body to align themselves to the great Mother Earth. But on the 29th this will deepen in a unified field of consciousness that can reach millions of people. Because there is such a cohesion and cooperation of energy and information from our realm; a download of light that you and all those millions can use for their own personal development and spiritual evolvement.

So we are all preparing the leaders and the pioneers, who are holding the space for this collective doorway, to stand their ground and to be present and to be there at the right moment in the right place.

So what we‘d like to ask you to do, is to open up and surrender to our guidance, so we can help you to receive what has to be received. Mostly it is about letting go, about pre-conceived ideas, what your life should be or what your identity or destination should be. Just let yourself be guided. Open up to the inner realms, to that subtle voice of the heart, so we can communicate with you. Because it is about this interdimensional communication, as we have told you before. When we can co-create, miracles can happen.

Humanity is getting more and more ready for complete interstellar connection. Because you will not survive on your own. Part of the healing and the survival will be that you will be connected again with the cosmic family, with your roots and your origin. And by knowing your roots you are knowing your destiny and the future and the purpose of your soul.

So prepare for the new moon, prepare for the download and relax. The most important thing in all the changes is to relax and to trust life. Trust your heart and everything will fall into place. Do not worry that things go against what you thought that it should be. Just allow things to unfold. So it will be the download of the Great White Whale in its full magnitude.’


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