18.12 NEDERLAND, Amsterdam, The Prophecy of Enoch

Ton and Ag. are in the Krasnapolski Hotel. At that moment there are demonstrations on the Dam square concerning Iran, Palestine, Gaza and a planned march against the coming of the 5G. We also connect with Herman.

‘This is a message for the two of you, Ag. and Ton, because you are the guardians of the Temple of Salomon. The two pillars, Boaz and Joachim. These two pillars, the masculine and the feminine, hold the energy, they hold the space for the secret that is behind it, in the temple. Because within the temple is the arc of the covenant and within the arc of the covenant is the fifth element: the feminine, that sacred energy that is so intimate and so universal, which is connecting all the other elements, all the other energies together and is extremely powerful.

So while you are here and you tune in into this energy, it can open up and be activated and work to become aligned with all the other places on earth. It is like a big clockwork here on the Dam square, a clockwork of circles and little wheelworks that work together and open up this whole mechanism.

The water that is flowing underneath here, the river Amstel, is the connection between the two sides of the river. You are literally opening the Dam so the water can flow through. Because this is what is happening at the moment in all governments, in all institutions that have become too structured, too much form, too much stone: it needs the flow of the water, the flow of the river, the flow of the feminine to bring life back again. So connect the Amstel with the Nile, with the Thames, with the Rhine, with all the sacred rivers of this planet, the Ganges and more. So the water of life can flow.

This is what brings Nefertiti back on her throne, in connection with Achnaton, the royal couple, who had both the sacred wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria. They combined the South and the North. Visualize them on their throne on Dam square or in the palace, the queen next to the king, the feminine and the masculine, holding together the sacred keys of the temple.’

(Ton: I see a big pyramid over the Dam square, a pyramid of energy.)

‘Connect all the capitals, all the cities of light, Paris, Rome, London, Washington, Berlin and so many others, making a whole network around the world to create a network of spiritual energy of a higher frequency and NOT a technological frequency, but a human/angelic frequency, connect all the dots. It is through this higher energy that humans can evolve into their next stage of being and in which they don’t need the technology to survive, but in which they fulfill their full potential as angelic light beings.

This is the prophesy of Enoch. He prophesied this next stage of evolution with the coming of the Messiah, which is heralding the next stage of peace, opening up to the heart, connecting masculine and feminine. It is time for a Reunion, bring all people together! Namaste.’


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