15.35 CHINA, Wuhan, The Truth About Sequencing

Tuning into doctor Li Jhang, the doctor who died on Tons birthday, February 7th, and seems to be the first doctor to die from covid19. 

‘Sequencing is being used to get information from patients who are both healthy and patients who are sick. You need large groups to make a difference between the two groups and to know what it does when you unleash a virus in a population. You want to know how fast it goes, how it multiplies, what is the death rate. Many of these things you want to explore, because then you know more about the virus. 

So sequencing is a very important method and technology to understand disease in larger populations. But for that you need a larger population to study. This is where the Uygur population came in. When they were held by the thousands, they did medical experiments on them to get all this information, and the sequencing technology supported these medical experiments on ethnic groups. So they could also see what sort of causes there were for death, for dying people, and how they died. 

So I have been aware of these sequencing technologies and everything that was needed for this virus to come into the world. I’ve seen people dying from it and I died myself. This information about this scientific exploration is important for the outer world, because it is criminal. It is using people to gain more money, to gain more power, to gain control over a whole population.’