15.31 TIBET, Kailash, The Third Path

Tuning in to the journey to Tibet, where four men will walk around Mount Kailash and four women going to the Wudang Cloyster. And then the last journey of the Silk Route, to Xiang and Beijing.

‘The information we would like to give you is about The Great White Brotherhood, The Masters of Shambhala from former times. At one point in history when the fight against darkness was at its highest, there has been disorder and treason in the order. There was discourse about which way to follow. 

One way is the way of the sword, of confrontation, of fighting, of confronting the darkness. The other way is the way of surrendering, of compassion. What happened is that there has been a dispute between several masters about which way to follow. And from this dispute there was a gap, a split, a dissonance in the group of masters, and this dissonance has persisted until now. 

Some masters still follow the course of fighting and others follow the course of surrendering, but both are working towards the same goal through different paths. It is this division that has been happening and working in your group of eight and it is important that this division is transformed and transcended. Both are valuable means and are needed in this world, it’s the masculine and the feminine way. And it is in the combination that this will be solved and that the final conclusion will be reached. It is yin and yang coming together. 

This is at the root of the conflict between Tibet and China. This is at the root of the conflict in your group. This is at the root of the conflict in the group who is now traveling in China. 

There is a third way, which is mentioned in the Kalachakra Teachings, combining the masculine way of fighting and the feminine way of surrendering. This third way is needed in this time of closure. It is the ending of duality. This is where the real solution comes from. It is not in reaching the goal, but it is in the way you will reach this goal that you will overcome duality and all hindrances towards the self. It will be the solution for problems like Syria. Where no step is taken, because no one knows which way to take: or fight, or surrender for peace-making. But as long as both are not working together, there is no solution to the conflict. To find the third way you have to master both energies, the energy of the sword and the energy of the grail. And by mastering these two, the third will manifest itself. It is The Cosmic Christ, incarnated in you, holding the sacred vessel from which the light comes forth that brings the two opposites together. It is the ultimate death and rebirth on the cross of duality. It is the transfiguration of the energies of earth and heaven. 

So for this to happens you have to respect both sides, you have to understand and see the value of both sides in their essence. On the one hand fighting and confrontation, on the other hand surrendering, opening up, receiving.

It is in the third way that the door will open, which is the way of the heart.’