15.28 CHINA, Turpan, Restoring the Grid of Higher Consciousness

In the Turpan hotel, with Sandra.

‘As you are nearing the end of the journey, you may look back in review and count your successes. Because your trip was truly a marvelous success. Starting with the two of you walking through Germany, where you got the message to travel all the way to China and open the portals between Russia and Europe, and China and the Middle East. 

It is through this endeavor that the whole network of energetic leylines has been opened and although you cannot see the results of your work yet, you must believe that it is very worthwhile. The seed for a new spirituality has been put into the ground in China and in the Middle East. Where people, and especially young people, will hear the call of their own heart. Because they can tune in to the new energy that has been released through your journeys and your work. The collective cooperation of the seven and later the eight of you has been very fruitful. Even in the darkest moments and times of confusion and disappointment. They were all part of the journey, to bring light into the darkness, to bring awareness into corners of the earth that desperately needed it. 

So many people are searching for a true soulful life. And because you have been restoring the grid of the leylines on the earth, people are more easily able to connect to this higher awareness. A grid of higher consciousness that is enveloping the world in preparation for the Venus transit 2012. Because then the whole network will be completed and you have been working towards this completion. More and more people will tune in to this higher vibration of love, integrity, truth and compassion. 

It is this energy of the heart that will set the stage for a new face of evolution of mankind. The old energies of control, illusion, power and fear will slowly subside and disappear, because they no longer have value or power. They were just part of the world of illusion. Because the energy of love is closer to the truth of who you are and of the reality you are living in. Truth and love are two sides of this higher dimension, which is your true reality. The more materialized your thoughts are, the lower your density, the more you are living within illusion, an illusionary world. By enlightening human mind and levitating the heart, you start to live in a completely different world. Because you are perceiving the same world from another perspective. It is the perspective of love, a.nd you are looking through the eyes of the heart, not the eyes of the mind. The mind is supportive, but not decisive.

It is the time of the return of the Buddhas, the Masters of Enlightenment, that will give direction to the course of evolution in the coming centuries. They will help humankind to alleviate their burden and to bring light to the troubled souls on this world. 

Don’t underestimate your work. Is has been truly valuable and successful. Enjoy your last days of the trip before you return home. New adventures await you. You may rest a little. But be assure that new work and discipline is coming your way. More and more you will start to enjoy this higher vibration and being in service of humankind, because it is your true destiny. It is your calling and it is your fulfillment of your soul’s journey on earth. 

Blessings and greetings from the Buddhas, Masters of Shambhala.’