15.30 TIBET, Kailash, Anchors in Times of Chaos

“I speak for the Council of Masters of Shambhala. As there will be much movement and turmoil at this time and in the coming weeks and months, it is vital that there are those who hold the energy high. Those who anchor themselves in the field of light to balance the forces of darkness so that both can remain in balance.

The forces of darkness are needed to create the changes and chaos necessary to bring about the transformation, the birthing process. Both forces are necessary, but it is up to you to continuously invoke, manifest, broadcast that higher energy to your own network and groups through meditations, gatherings or messages, actually taking people into that anchoring in the light.

This creates a field, which gives a certain peace, as you feel it now. A reassurance, an orientation, an anchor. Through that anchoring in the light, the chaos can be channeled, the chaos can become creative instead of destructive, a fluid birth of a new consciousness can take place instead of a breech, or a caesarean section.

So in that sense you are the spiritual midwives of this creation process, of this birthing process. The trick is to stay very close to yourself and at the same time keep an eye on the responsibility for this greater purpose, for this collective purpose. You are, as it were, subservient to the greater whole, but to be able to be that, you have to stay completely true to yourself. And more or less put yourself first, your own worth, your own well-being, the care for who you are.

The day you organize around the birth of Venus has the same function. Just by setting out and broadcasting the message, you help give people perspective, allowing them to place their own movements and changes within a larger framework. Don’t underestimate your work. The day isn’t even so much about a program as it is about putting that energy down, about putting down that anchor. In the church ‘The Dove’, symbol of transfiguration, of ascension, of enlightenment. From death to rebirth. Of letting go, saying goodbye to the old, and receiving the new.

Be blessed and know that we are always with you, available for help, for support at any time. Are there any questions?’

How far should you go in self-care? For example, sometimes you have to use a lot of technology to reach groups, but that is sometimes at the expense of health. What is the right balance?

‘Don’t do too much, less is more. The work you do is partly in the outside world, but also for a large part in the inner world, on an energetic level. So it doesn’t take much to make yourself known to the outside world. It’s less about doing and more about being. That is actually a shortcoming of this society, you soon do too much. The trick is to realize that by staying closer to yourself and taking care of yourself, you do much more for the collective. You reach, as it were, a much larger field, purely by expanding your consciousness. The crux is love for yourself, love for self. Everything flows from that. That sometimes doesn’t seem to be very productive in this world and yet, paradoxically enough, it is.’