07.01 PALESTINA, Jericho, The Third Temple of Thirteen Pillars of Light

‘The proces you are involved in, in Jericho, has to do with the Third Temple. This is like the fulfilment of a biblical prophecy, which is the New Jerusalem. It is an energetic temple of thirteen energies, you could say, thirteen pillars of light. Each pillar representing an aspect of humanity, of the human psyche and of the human body, of the light body. All these elements together form a new temple, a new energetic blueprint for humanity. To be lived by in the coming eons. 

Many people are searching at the moment and placing the foundation stones for these pillars. They are the foundation stones, like you are both foundation stones for this temple. It is not so much in what you do, but in being who you are, that you are forming these pillars of light. Tree of Life Foundation is vehicle for helping this temple to emerge into the light. You can say that now it is still in an energetic form, but it will become more and more tangible in the coming four years, in which the Christ consciousness can incarnate when the temple is ready. Because this is what the temple is about; it is an energetic container which can contain this Christ consciousness. So it’s not so much a material building that you’re putting on Earth, although it will become very tangible, manifesting in many ways. But it’s in the diversity, not in the oneness, that you will see the fruits of the tree. 

Do your work in silence. Work for the greater good of all. We will care for you. The commitment you have together with the six or seven of you is very important, because it will be the fundament from which you will bring your contribution to this collective work. Others will do their work, without even knowing that you do yours. So there’s a trust that there’s a collective cocreation from several people, from several tribes, from several cultures, from several religions. You only have to do your piece. Nothing more, nothing less.

Put down the first stones of the foundation of the Third Temple. We will take care of the roof. Keep the tree small, yet powerful. To give fruit, it doesn’t need to have too many branches, too many offsprings. You have to have one stem in the middle. If it grows all kinds of ways, it will never give fruit. Trust, trust, trust. Keep on trusting that the work you do is coming into the right direction. And don’t wander off the path. Many blessings will follow. Even if the road is dark and unforeseen. You will just move together, towards the path we have foreseen.’