07.02 PALESTINA, Jericho, The Game of Jericho

This is the voice of the Gamekeeper.

‘There is a universal game going on, which defines history, which defines human evolution. By following the path of your destiny, moving from stone to stone, from gate to gate, you will reach the centre. In the centre is stillness; the stillness which creates another universe. It is the love between a man and a woman, creating a child. An egg and a sperm creating a new life. This is the cosmic play. On all levels, from the lowest level to the highest level.

Although there’s no difference between low and high. It’s a spiral of seven doors, seven steps. Seven chakras. Seven levels. 

You are moving in the game. Jericho is the centre at this level. Everything moves around this centre, before you move to the next level. It’s good to bring youth in contact with the game, because they can communicate and understand the way of growing through play and dance and music. Spiritual learning is not linear. It is circular. It’s a labyrinth. It is a game in which it is joyful to be. 

So whenever you move, whenever you make your next move, make it a dance. Make it a work of art, a work of joy. Very small it’s very big. Each level can only be attained if it’s connected to the centre. Otherwise you’re just moving around in circles. But to move upwards, to spiral up, you have to connect to the gamekeeper. Open the gate to let the joy flow in, and the love and the fun. The seventh gate will open in the right time. 

This is preparation time in which you all play a role. Each one of you seven. Enjoy the ride.’