15.26 CHINA, Melikawat, The Ancient Heart of the City

Sitting along the White Jade rover in the archeological site Melikawat, near the old city of Hotan, where 100.000 people lived around the year 1500. Before that it was a Buddhist place. 

‘So you found the ancient heart of the city. This is where it all started, where Buddhist monks came over the Kunlun Mountains to bring Buddhism to ancient China. It was their vision to bring the knowledge of the masters of Shambhala to the Chinese land. From here on it grew rapidly and there were connections with the Chinese emperors. In the beginning this went very well, but later the relationship was quite distorted. A separation came between the forces of power – economic progress and wealth – and the forces of spirituality – of personal development, of inner wealth. This division has been going on in the battle between Tibet and China up to this day. 

It is time to reunite the two forces again, because one cannot go without the other. They need to come together, black and white. They need each other. 

This is your task in your journey through the desert in Taklamakan, to bring light and darkness together, to bring male and female together. Because one cannot live without the other. They are two sides of the same coin. This is what the Buddhists understood. That is why they moved out of their own land to make connection to the Chinese Kingdom.

So you found your way out of the labyrinth to this place. What you can do here is to honour the Goddess. Honour the ancient female deities of Tara: the White Tara, who was connected to the White Jade, and the Green Tara, who was connected to the Green Jade. These statues were here in ancient times, they were made here. But they were stolen, taken away. So you do not need the statues, but you can do the ritual of honouring the feminine – who was here at the birthing time of Hotan. By doing that you will help the birthing of Buddhism spirituality in China, which is so needed in the time to come.’