15.25 CHINA, Hotan, A Change of Reality

In an hotel in Hotan, with Sandra. It is hard. There is noise and dirt and we don’t want to be here. We ask for the power of the Masters to help us.

‘There is a gate that you can only unlock with the two of you. When you combine your forces like you did just now and you call for help, than reality changes. You open up your heart for a third possibility: the doorway of the unknown. When all normal ways of escape are no longer there, you can only pray and surrender and ask for higher interference. So we are happy to be with you, to touch your heart and to support you and help you in your quest.

Because it is in the darkest hours that the light is most close. Never doubt that we are there, even in the worst places. It is only a matter of choice, a matter of decision and strength to surrender to the higher force of life. From there on everything will change, because what you did just now is to change reality. Even if you can’t see it, if you can’t perceive a physical change – but the change is there. Reality is much more flexible than you think it is. There is always a way out of the prison of the mind. What you see around you is a world of the mind. It is created by the mind, it is created by fear. Not by surrendering, not by love. It is important that you see it this way, that you understand how it works, so you can step out of it.

Surrender to the sweet inner voice of who you are in essence. Lay down your mental fear and suppression and reveal your inner light. Because this will make a change in the world around you. Be who you are and everything will be given to you.’