15.21 KYRGYZSTAN, Bishkek, Opening the Gates of Consciousness

Arrived in Bishkek and continued a four hour trip by car, with Sandra.

‘Since your journey is about honouring the feminine, you may want to take it easy. Be very gentle to yourself. Take your time. Make it very comfortable on yourself. Listen deep within to your own inner voice, what you need, what you want – and don’t make compromises in that. Because it is the art of listening to the voice within that opens up the deeper layers of your consciousness, and also the deeper layers of the collective field – that deep wisdom that is present everywhere, but can only be tapped into if you really allow yourself to sink into it, to gently sink into it. So take enough time to listen to what you want, what you need for your comfort, for your physical comfort, for your food. Listen to music. That all helps to make yourself melt into this deeper collective wisdom of the earth.

It is again like a road of initiation. Step by step you will be guided to a deeper awareness of who you are. This is basically what this journey is all about. It is to get to know you, yourself, your inner self, or you might say your spiritual self, your assets. The place you are coming from. And while you come closer and closer to this core of yourself, you will understand your purpose in life. You will understand what you are here for, what you need to do, what your contribution is to the world around you. But again, you cannot grasp this by force. You can only allow it to unfold, like a flower that is opening after a long journey, after a long work of growth. This is the moment where you can just relax and receive life. It is more about receiving than about giving or doing. It is about allowing life to unfold.’

Ton: Today, at the museum of Kashgar we passed a number of heads, made of stone. These stones felt as having a soul. So I will let the heads speak.

‘We are the ancient guardians of this land. We have been here for eons and eons. Dwelling between the dimensions, physical reality and spiritual reality. We have been guarding the gates between dimensions. In a time when freedom was more regular, there were a lot of priests and shamans who kept the doors open – the doors of consciousness – in this area of the world. But since communism arrived those priests have been suppressed and the whole knowledge and wisdom of nature has almost been vanished. So we are here as the last remnant memories of a distant past. But we are still here to keep the gates, and since you have to travel through the gates and open up the dimensions again, we are here to assist you and to support you, because we have been aware of your coming. Your journey has been arranged from within the other realms and you need not fear, because everything is taken care of. The masters are awaiting you. 

You only have to tune in and to open the doors of your heart and your awareness and you will be connected to the energy of Shambhala. You only need to allow us to be with you, to guide you and to support you in your quest. Again, there is nothing you need to do. It is just by allowing things to happen that the gates of immortality will open up. It is the beyond, that has always been very present here for those who try to attain it, but unseen for those who keep their eyes closed and their mind shut. This journey is the end of a long work; it is the climax of that what you have been striving for.

Don’t make yourself smaller. You are co-creating, the two of you. So there is no individual achievement. This is a collective achievement by many of you: the two of you, the eight of you, and a broader circle who is living with you, to create this orgasm of the mind, of the soul.

If the drop becomes aware of the ocean, it does not need to concern itself anymore about its own identity. Because you have found your broader identity. Do you understand what we are saying? You can either identify yourself with a drop or you can identify yourself with the ocean. And we invite you to do the latter. Yet you still remain your unique self. Even more so. It is the paradox of being all one or alone, in whatever way you want to perceive it.’