15.14 CHINA, Kashgar, Breaking the System

“You – freeloaders, rebels, bums, buffoons, renegades – there’s only one law, one system, one road, one time – and you make the whole mess fall apart. And that is exactly what it is needed. Because any system that tries to maintain itself by more or less imposed laws becomes a dictatorship. This is exactly how communism works in China and Russia and in states like Syria and Egypt: everyone has to comply with the same rules, the same laws. By breaking this system and following your own path, following your own heart and still connecting with each other, you have opened the gateway to Kashgar and basically kissed China awake. The system that was closed until now is now open. There is a kind of leak in it, a kind of break in the outside and it can no longer be stopped, because it works as a self-generating system of confusion, change and transformation. And it just keeps evolving. 

Take your time, take the freedom, take your own freedom to enjoy and play and break new ground. 

Until next time, because the road isn’t ready yet.’