15.07 TIBET, Kailash, Connection with the Masters

With Jos, Eric and Sandra.

‘Dear friends, we are present as a group as well, because it is time that we enter the next step of this process of transformation with you, with complete correctness and transparency. You could say that from now on the boundaries of the third dimensional reality are fading. You are entering a ritual space, as it were, in which everything that occurs can be felt and interpreted on different levels. For many people this will be confusing and cause a lot of sadness and chaos. That is what will gradually be felt in the collective field.

You could actually say that on an inner level an enormous storm is breaking out. You are in contact with that – and at the same time you are not, because you are the limiters, we could call it, the border posts of that inner field, having one leg in and one leg out. So that you can  carry and guide that process. That creates a certain schizophrenia, because what you experience is both individual and collective. So what you are living through, Jos –the alienation, the separation, the sadness, no longer knowing what it is really about – is partly what can be felt in the collective field. Where other people experience this but cannot yet name it, it comes into your consciousness, so to speak, and you can give it words and shape.

The trick for all of you is to live with these opposing experiences and emotions and to hold strong. In fact you start connecting with the field beyond form and content, beyond words, beyond individuals, beyond structures. It is purely an energetic process that takes place.

From our dimension, we look at the process that is now taking place with great attention and care. Because all the pawns have taken their place. 

That was the process of the past twenty years: that everyone had to take his or her position, in order to enter the next phase. And as you said, Jos, it doesn’t matter so much anymore , because the course of development now has its own dynamics. You can only be in connection with spirits, and that’s where you find your home, your anchor, because the rest is actually falling apart: your house, or your work… It doesn’t really matter whether you are in or out, because every form is just an expression of the underlying energy of the field. It’s just about how you relate to it.

The whales herald the return of the old Masters, of the Revelation. Go to the water, the sea, the ocean, because the water is the womb of your human existence. It is the feminine element on Earth, which has been suppressed. And it is precisely this element that will manifest itself more and more, as it is out of balance.

Connect with each other, beyond form, beyond circles, or groups, or workshops. But connect, purely on a soul level, so that the waves of time don’t hit you in such a way that you get out of balance. Your anchorage is in the cosmic heart of the Masters. We hold the energy during this period of transformation. Together with you. So that the gate between the dimensions can be kept open and important information from our dimension can reach you, because you do the work on the Earth level. You are fully prepared and trained, and there is nothing that stands in your way to fulfill your role. In all your talents and your shortcomings, you are exactly the one you need to be.

Are there any questions?’

Is it advisable to do something about the contact with the Masters, to keep it as open as possible?

‘In fact, we would want to communicate in continuous connection with you, on all levels. However, being in this third dimensional reality, there are limits to the energetic exchange; purely physical, practical limits. That is why we sometimes have to hold back or limit ourselves, while our desire is so great to be with you. This is an ordeal for us.

Step by step your body will adjust to the higher frequency, but this should not happen too quickly as it can cause damage. It is about the gradual path of greater transparency and communication. But don’t worry, we are always available and approachable at any time. Don’t be afraid to ask us for advice at any time about any situation, because we want nothing more than that.

Stay in close contact with each other, you seven and number eight who is greeting you, for in the connection the field becomes more bearable and it becomes clearer what your individual task is in the greater whole. You could actually say that from now on you are working entirely from a collective body, from collective consciousness. This means you are actually constantly at the service of the greater whole. It is important that you know and realize that, because otherwise you will get confused from the feelings you experience. If you just see them as part of your own personal life, that would be a bit too much for you to handle. So keep it open.’