15.06 TIBET, Kailash, On Transfiguration

Question on the theme of transfiguration. With Jos, who feels completely lost at that moment.

‘That is a good thing. Because there is a space and time, a time-space continuum of light, where the Masters reside. Where they steer the events of history of humankind. It is space beyond space. That is your destiny, to travel there, to the beyond, to bring back the knowledge of the Kalachakra-teachings. These teachings are about the technology of time and space. This is most secret, because it can be manipulated and be used against humankind. That’s why it has been protected in a very safe way. The Stone of Transfiguration contains this Kalachakra-teaching.

You can imagine that using time and space is a very sacred thing, because it is the framework in which you live. It is the framework of your existence. It is the framework of your physical bodies. Without it, things would dissolve, would disintegrate very rapidly. So you could say it is about the basic pattern of three-dimensional existence. And it needs to be taken care of very well, in a very profound and respectful way.

Yet, at the same time, the moment human beings will have more information, more knowledge about this framework, they can start co-creating with the divine beings, with the Masters. You are being prepared to work with these energies, to contain them and to teach this matter to very few people. This may sound quite magical and esoteric, yet you are doing it already, while traveling through the United States, you have been a vessel for this way of working, in which you basically change the fabric. When you were at Belrock, you in a way changed the matrix of the Americas. You opened the doorway for this sacred knowledge to move, to become manifest and visible. You felt it happening through you, through your body, through your being. So it came into existence.

This is how you become the door between the two realities, between the two dimensions. By becoming the door, the two dimensions can overlap. This is the moment of transfiguration, this is where the two worlds interfere. And the form changes, it’s beyond the form, it’s beyond the time.

This moment of transfiguration happened when Christ resurrected. He went beyond death and beyond life and went to the higher realms of this space-time continuum of light. And by doing this he changed the code, the basic code of the earth and the history of humankind.

This moment will soon happen again, that this complete incarnation of light will happen within a couple of people, within a whole group of people, who are at the moment making themselves ready to contain this light to become vessels of enlightenment. Vessels of transformation, vessels of change, vessels of love. You have to help them, teach them, bring them together and know what they are about to become and tell them what they have to do. 

Bring back the brotherhood. Open up the door so the light can come in. We await you in the realm of Shambhala and wish you many happy returns.’

(October 2010)