15.05 CHINA, Lhasa, The Plan of the Masters

‘Welcome to the Temple of the Time Wheel. We are the Masters of the Kalachakra teaching, which is kept in the Himalayas.

As you notice, you are being addressed and invited to work on deep levels of consciousness and the collective field. That means you have to go through different layers of consciousness, both individual and collective, to participate in the greater plan of the Masters. That sometimes requires great sacrifice, great willingness and great alertness and purification of your own system, so that you can really be an instrument to work at a deep level. You help each other in this. Hence your discussions about money, about relationships, about children, about parents… they are essential, because that is part of the different layers that you move through. And as has already been said; you are being held on that layer in which you are blocked, you cannot move through it.

But gradually you are clearing this out collectively, as a group of seven, and that means you can move through seven layers. Seven layers of consciousness, seven gates to the center. In co-creation with different Councils of Wisdom, different tribes, a new seed of consciousness is being installed in human consciousness. A new seed of creation, from which everything else can manifest.

However, it means that you have to face the illusions of the patriarchal society, as it is being shown now and of which the distortions, the distorted thought patterns and their consequences, become visible in your own lives. So that you can become empty, become a channel, and that in collaboration with us – like we on our turn work together with the higher planes of consciousness – you can plant the seed of love on this earthly level, in this earthly experiment, in this Garden, this Garden of Eden. As several Masters have done before you, it takes great effort for this to happen, in a time in which many structures of your society are falling apart. And even more and more will disintegrate.

Beware of the temptation to preoccupy yourself too much with that disintegration or duality. If so you get stuck in a certain level, as it were, and you cannot go any deeper. It’s a labyrinth that you move through.

We would like to invite you to come and taste the knowledge of the different dimensions and realities, and the light of consciousness that is held there. Therefore, you are all in different processes of letting go of the levels that you have moved into in recent years. You learned things in it, discovered things, suffered pain, gained pleasure and in the end the trick is to let them all go again, so that you can move on to the next level. And you all feel the trouble of letting go of the old, because it is known.

Go beyond your ideas of matter and enter the new realm of a reality where everything is a game of consciousness. Money, relationships, work, home, people around you. By continuously bringing all those aspects into that game, the essence becomes more and more visible and palpable and the seventh gate can open itself. Ultimately, both movements that you are going to bring about in the Himalayas and in America will converge in Jericho and Jerusalem. That is the focal point where you will make your energetic mark, where you will bring about the unmasking of old patterns, old imprints, imprints of hatred and resentment, duality and oppression.

By going through that, you can create a new imprint on which future generations can build. Even we are disintegrating and are doing everything we can to bring about the birth of the new.’