15.04 TIBET, Kailash, The Gate of Shambhala

Tuning into the Masters of Shambhala, the Masters of the Kalachakra, the Council of Men and Women. 

‘The feminine wisdom is speaking. The gate to China, which you opened in Damascus last year, slightly opened and invites further investigation. In writing, in feeling, in energy and in physical matter. That ancient line connecting the West and Middle East on the one hand and the Himalayan realm on the other is a line that has become contaminated with lower energy and negativity.

On the one hand in the area of ​​Iran, where the power of the Ayatollahs is trying to keep the people down, an influence is spreading to Pakistan, Indonesia and other Islamic countries. And on the other hand in China, where all forms of faith and spiritual development are being suppressed. This also suppresses the feminine, the ability and freedom to be yourself, to open yourself to your feelings, to emotions, to individuality.

According to the teachings of the Kalachakra, a window in time arises from about May 2011 to a little after 2012; a window in time that allows an enormous fertilization. You could see it as a sperm cell moving through time, and the moment that sperm cell reaches the egg, the egg opens and gets fertilized. That fertilization takes place in this period from May 2011 to the end of 2012.

At that moment time disappears, just as the sperm cell disappears and merges into the egg. It will be a collective event, a collective momentum. But also the egg will be changing. You could say in this metaphor that the egg represents matter. The framework of your existence, the matrix, is going to change, to adapt on deep levels, because something new wants to be born, a new consciousness wants to incarnate. That is why we would like to meet you, beyond time and space, to guide this process into matter.

We can imagine you are thinking about who, what, where, how – the practical side of the story, because that’s a crucial part of it all. But the actual journey takes place beyond that level. So keep on tuning into that level of consciousness, because matter adapts to spirit. And the mind is much stronger than matter. So don’t let yourself be tempted into blockages, into tug-of-war in the material world, because that is only a distraction. That’s exactly how it always goes: the ego structures try to distract you from the path of the Higher Self.’

Ton: I see a kind of path with seven steps, seven points to the Golden Kingdom.

‘The doors of the Golden Kingdom, where this knowledge of time and matter is kept, are well sealed. Both against good and against evil. So get ready for a long journey in the mind. Now is the time to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and to open seals, so that the path can reveal itself.’