15.03 TIBET, Kailash, The Game of Samsara

Beyond time and space the Masters are shouting: 

‘Play the Game of Samsara well. The game of the earthly reality, with its money and sex and power and all the trimmings, but play it with a smile and with compassion. Compassion, both for yourself – especially for yourself – and for others. Because the game takes on erratic forms in these times and no longer adheres to the rules of the game. So it is important to look at it from a different level, to look at things with your heart, to see the heart of things. And to approach everything from compassion, while all these movements are happening in the material plane.

This is unavoidable. For the game must be played. The only question is: how do you play it? From what intention do you put your pawns on the board, or are your pawns knocked off the board? Keep on smiling to everything that you are witnessing and experiencing in yourself and in others, and the door to the paradise will open, allowing you to step into the light ànd the light to manifest in the world of matter. 

You are the gate through which the light can enter the world – through hands and feet, head, heart and hips – they are all gateways to connection.’