15.02 CHINA, Beijing, The Twelve Gates

‘We would like to welcome you to the Golden City of Shambhala. Twelve gates, twelve roads, twelve masks, containing twelve different aspects of being human. But behind those masks, behind that diversity, lies the unity of the source, the thirteenth, the light that shines through everything.

That is the process that you are engaged in: to discover and embody that unity in the diversity, on an individual level and on a collective level. That is why it is so important that you travel to these places, to remove the distortions of the masks and the closing of the gates, so that the energy can flow freely again, and the twelve can unite.

The task assigned to you as a group is to clear the way to China. Here lies an important aspect of being human – an old tradition that threatens to be overshadowed. Only by opening the old road again, following the old travel route – through darkness, through mountains and valleys – you arrive at the Jade Gate, one of the access roads to Shambhala. 

As we are longing to go to you, traveling through space beyond matter, so you are longing to go to us. In that meeting the gate opens between heaven and earth, between the visible and the invisible, and we can merge – because we are essentially one. You are no different from us and we are no different from you, mirrors of each other in the visible and invisible world. Here we carry the knowledge, the spiritual truth of the Himalayas and the crown, the crown energy of humanity, where other groups, other councils of wisdom, are carrying other aspects.’