13.03 SYRIA, Damascus, Metatron’s cube

‘John the Baptist had the thirteenth stone. The thirteenth stone is the stone of one. It contains the information of the Book of One, because number thirteen contains all the twelve elements. All the opposites coming together into one universal theme. From one everything unfolds and everything comes back to one. One is the center going into all directions. There is no north, no south, nor east, nor west, there is only the center, the middle, represented by the heart.

There is nothing to be done, the diffusion you felt comes from the energy that is moving at the moment you lifted the veal of the grave, entering into the womb of Mother Earth, who holds the power and the mystery of the one. In the heart of the Mother everything comes together. This is the thirteenth missing stone, the thirteenth missing tribe. This is where all people tribes of the Earth are coming together, forming one family, one religion, one mind, one body, one universe. By focusing on the heart of the Mother the one, the Christ, can be born. This is what happened this morning in Syandana, when the Mother energy initiated you all into this Christ consciousness by anointing you. The expected one is coming back. Prepare for a feast of remembrance and reconnection to the one of love.’

Should we do something tomorrow, on the 30iest, in the mosque?

‘Queensday, the connection to the feminine. The most important thing was that you connected to the middle earth, the masculine father energy, so the son can be reborn. Tomorrow is about making connections to the outer world and to the feminine, to Jerusalem, which is the queen. If this city is the king, Jerusalem is the queen, and she needs to be crowned with the crown of recognition. This is what you can do as men, honoring her, recognizing her power and wisdom.

This is the initiation, this is the fertilization. Only by love can she be conquered. This is what has been misunderstood for many ages; people wanting to conquer Jerusalem by force, as men have tried to conquer the feminine by force many, many times. Now this is no solution anymore. Only by the power of mild love, the heart of men, can the mystery of the feminine be opened, be released into the consciousness of the people.

So direct your attention towards the city in the south. Honor the women that you know, because they form the physical manifestation of the divine feminine, which is always incorporated into human form, shrouded and veiled, like you are veiled. It needs to be played out in human form. So honor the feminine, the form does not matter, as long as you play and connect to each other and yourself, it is all fine. You might do it in the toilet or in the mosque, whatever is the most holy place for you.

Tomorrow is the day of prayer, of silence, and as it used to be, the seventh day is about honoring the feminine. Don’t be mistaken, change the law back into the original seventh day, the Sabbath, Shekhinah, Shiva or whatever her name was. As man you have to recognize the one day in seven, the feminine. Do you understand what I am saying? Now you understand why a week has seven days. Six days to go around and the seventh day to enter the sacrum, the secret of the Great Mother, the mystery beyond the physical form, the heart behind the matter, the soul behind the world.’

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