07.38 PALESTINE, Jericho, Jael of the Essenes

Tuning into the cavern of the old ruin of Shahram Hakim, with Marit and Yonatan.

‘We would like to speak to you very clearly and openly and welcome you to this ancient place where I was one of the initiates. My name is… (Ton: I hear Devora, but it’s a little different, it starts with a D, uhm, I cannot hear the name properly…) and we called you here. We called you here to this ancient place. 

All of you: do bring back the feminine, do bring back the wisdom and do bring back the healing which this land so desperately needs. Because it’s the key in the changes and the transformations of the world at this moment. We have been doing preparations for that. We is the priestesses of the Goddess who were once working in this place, till the Romans came. We first worked together with them. They used our knowledge and wisdom, but when things went wrong, some of us were raped and killed, some of us fled away to other places. And things changed. Roman culture took over. This became a temple of Juno, the God of the Gate, the Gateway. Because this has always been considered a place of openings, an opening into the valley, but also an opening to the other world, from which we speak. It is a place of new beginnings, a place to bring back the wisdom of the Hebrew teachers. 

The ancient goddess was still on earth and venerated in our time. But when the male societies took over, with their lust for luxury, the ancient wisdom slowly disappeared and retreated into the caverns of time. So this is where we start again. This is where we commune with you. Become one with your spirit and soul. It’s not only me, and the one talking, but is a whole people ready to incarnate, to become physical again and work with you for a new generation to come, for a new time to come. You have to think in large time spans, like we did, like we were told by our teachers. They taught us to get in contact with the old knowledge and wisdom, with the Atlantean and the Lemurian wisdom from the South and the East. They were masters in their ways of healing, and wisdom, connecting to the stones, the stones of healing and the herbs and the water. We used this place for healing water, to clean ourselves from karma, clean ourselves from negativity, so we could be very clear in our work. 

Your oldest sister Jael is one of us. She is doing the same kind of work, getting to know herself better and better. Just as your youngest sister, but she still has to find the doorway to her own heart. She is very wise, but at the moment she cannot reach her own wisdom. She needs some help in this. Just as her husband, who is coming from the same lineage. So there is a lot of wisdom in your family. 

There has always been a difference between the feminine wisdom of healing and the male way of conquering land, building things, houses, temples, bridges, anything. In a way, by conquering the land, it destroyed part of it. This is one of the reasons we come and speak to you. Because the wisdom of the land needs to be honoured, needs to be acknowledged and be revived. This was part of the ancient Hebrew tradition: communing with the land, communicating with the land, listening to its stories, to its power, to its fertility. Because it is in this that you find a deep healing for the people, for the Jewish people, that they need at this moment. They need this land, not to inhabit or to own it, but to learn from it. To be a part of it, to be coming back as children to the Mother Goddess. Without the Mother they are still lost and searching for their own roots, for paradise to be regained, but you cannot conquer it by force. You cannot build walls around it, because it will hurt the Mother. Because all of her children are part of her legacy, of her tribe, of her family. 

So it is in this surrender to the Great Mother goddess that you will find peace. In yourself in the first place. And from that peace within, there will come an outer peace. Within two generations. Which is rather quick, in the history of time. But it doesn’t go by itself, it needs work. Work in surrendering, surrendering to the ancient wisdom. And it is in this kibbutz, in this old place, the gate to the valleys, the gate to the unknown, that you can find the missing piece of the puzzle. So the bigger picture becomes clear. 

Through the water of time we speak to you and we will support you and help you to find your home, to find peace, to find wisdom, in the depths of the Earth.’