07.18 PALESTINA, Jericho, The Jewish People

‘Once upon a time the Jewish people came through this place, entering the holy land, bringing their wisdom but also their struggle of forty years in the desert. It is coming through this deepest place, that they could put down their own struggle and tune into the old wisdom that is in this valley. It is like a library of knowledge. And since they were opened by their experience in the desert, they could read this library, the library of Mother Earth of all the old wisdom that is stored through eons of time. Their priests connected to this wisdom and translated it into words, into gospels, into texts.

You shouldn’t forget that going through this deep place, it is only through struggling, struggling with yourself and struggling with each other that you can bring the deepest to the service. This is what is happening in your communities, in your conference and in your community, that through the struggle you will reach the deepest place. This is most important, because that is where de wisdom is. It is through the crack in the egg that the light comes in. So honour your own struggle, honour your own difficulties, honour your conflicts. By doing this, you will release all the burden that is put on your people, but also on this area and on the world. Because the whole world is struggling. And it is not in the solution that you become free, but by honouring the struggle that you become free. Life is not meant to be perfect. It is a path, it is a road towards perfection, towards freedom, towards ecstasy.

The role of the Jewish people in the world history is that they went deepest in their struggle for freedom and for wisdom and they have to carry a huge burden. So also here the challenge is not to strive for the outcome, but to honour that heavy burden, that has been put on them through history. By learning compassion, the old texts, the old wisdom will be released. Because it is stored, not only here in the ground, but also in the cells of your bodies, in your DNA. It is about the next step in evolution. Honour the Shechina, cause it is she who carries all, who endures all, who knows all, who embraces all. By honouring her, you honour yourself, and the path you are walking for life to find your destiny.’