10.21 FRANCE, Montségur, The Voice of Pyrenne

In Les Contes, The Pyrennees, with Anaiya, Pete and Anne. Tuning into the energies of these days. I hear the voice of Pyrennes. 

“I am the voice of fire. I am the voice of creation and destruction. I am Pyrenne, the name that was given to this area, because deep underneath the mountains there is this power which is about transformation, deep transformation in the earth. In ancient times people came here to the mountains to get in touch with the sacred power of the fire. They did their rituals to honour the fire. So fire became creative instead of destructive. You need this creative fire at the moment, to let go of pain and trauma and karma. But the fire hasn’t been honoured for a long time and that’s why things turn out to be nasty, destructive. Instead of evolution people create revolution. People start burning each other. You start destroying your own creation. Like in the time of the Cathars, the pure ones – they got destroyed in the fire, while they were creating a new cycle in history, going back to the source of spirituality, tapping into the same power of what I am speaking about. 

France is about the sacred feminine and the sacred heart. If the sacred feminine isn’t honoured, the heart dies and becomes a barren desert, an empty shell. Only through the honouring of La Dame au Feu, the Lady of Fire, that sacred fire can be brought back into the heart. The Sacré Coeur. 

So if there is anything you can do, it is to feel the sacred fire burning in your own heart, and then bring it from your heart into your home, into your community, and from your community bring it into the land. Now it is not for nothing that the sacred heart of Paris burned out, that this Notre Dame was engulfed by flames. Because it needed to be destroyed, so a new fire can start to burn. But at the moment things go down…” 

Ton: I see this image of Gandalf falling down this abyss with this creature of fire, the Balrog, when he says: Thou Shall not pass. 

“To stop the ultimate darkness from rising, you need space holders. Space holders that are holding hands and hearts, connected around the sacred heart, au coeur du sacré coeur, to hold the space for this process of transformation, of destruction and creation, which will last for the coming three years, and has already started. You will be in the midst of it, in the thick of it. So create this circle of hearts. Awake the sacred heart.

Don’t be afraid of the negativity or the hatred, nor the darkness. These are like ashes from the fire, they need to be there. But don’t focuss on it, focuss on the light that the fire gives, and the warmth and the change.”