05.29 ETHIOPIA, Lalibela, The Future of Planet Earth

‘Welcome to this meeting of interstellar communication through different star systems. We are coming to you through spirit and body, to talk about the future of Planet Earth. In very ancient times this planet was chosen for divine experiment, to create paradise in its most physical form. In your bodies, in the trees, in the plants and the rocks, in the water, in all the elements the divine would incarnate and make itself visible, tangible, touchable. 

Within this experiment free choice was given. So there was the ability to be distracted from the path, and thus it happened that duality set in. This was called ‘the fall’ in your biblical texts. But even this was part of the divine plan, so you could return from free will to this divine state of being. 

Many of you on this planet have heard the call to come home, to connect to the other parts of your soul, to connect to the other planets, the higher dimensions, the angels and spirits. And thus you are able to call upon the light, so the frequencies of your bodies will again reach this divine level of being and you are again connected to your essence. The essence of who you are, because through this falling consciousness you have forgotten who you are. 

You are divine creators. You are the guardians of this planet. You are the masters of light. 

Through all the distortions of the mind you have started to create stories of duality, of strife, of war, of enemies, of material greed and laziness, spiritual laziness. But as soon as you remember who you are, this field of duality just dissolves, because it is not real. It does seem real when you look through the eyes of duality, but when you look through the eyes of the heart, you will see only love. Because love is a higher frequency, is a higher power. And the more you embody this power, the more this higher frequency comes and connects to the planet. So you are the midwives of this birthing process of humanity. Connected with so many souls and lightworkers around the world that have heard the calling of their souls. 

Be generous, be open, be flexible and know that nothing can stop you now. Because the time of the Aquarius, the water bearer, the bearer of the spirit, of the waters of the spirit, is really happening. Not as a vision or as a message, but as a physical reality, in your bodies and in your bones and in your blood. 

So accept your greatness, accept your heritage, accept where you are coming from. The only thing you need to do, is believe and you will know who you are and what you are here for, on this planet. Remember your mission in this lifetime and you will create paradise again, on all levels of existence. 

Greetings from the Masters of Aldebaran, Sirius, Orion and many other planet systems, that are connected to your home planet. You are not alone, even though you thought so for many, many eons. You are not alone. We will always be with you and more than you can imagine. So please join the family again.’