04.17 BALI, Ubud, Council of Bali

‘We are of the Council of Bali, the Elders are speaking. It’s still the process that leads you to the secret power that is here. Part of this land that has been given to us through the ages from our ancestors, from the gods who installed this power, to be used in times of darkness. So when chaos is there, there are always priests and priestesses or holy men and holy women who have access to this most secret and sacred weapon of love.

It’s an energetic force that is the source of all creation. It parallels the Arc of the Covenant in the Middle East. So through this creation everything can exist. In the ancient traditions people were aware of this force and people still are, although they don’t have access to it consciously. They have forgotten the living source inside themselves and thus inside the island.

You are here to awaken this consciousness by connecting to each other, by connecting with your hearts, because it’s only through the heart that you can see the true power. Call it the green power of the heart. Don’t worry about the technical details, the practical steps. We will take care of that. The only thing you need to do is to be true to your heart and to open up to higher wisdom. That was your practice and is still your practice while being here together. You’re doing fine. You solved major issues in your lives and in your past and what you’re looking at are the echoes of some dark elements that are still asking for attention, but are not truly problematic anymore. You went through the barriers of your own egos and surrendered to each other and persevered in your journey together. So just let it go now. Take your rest, relax and everything will be fine. Don’t worry about the outcome. You have done exactly what you came here to do. And this we are most grateful for. There’s a huge appreciation for your intentions and we bless you with our greatest gifts of the living source. Namaste.’


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